Jiří Winter

In addition to the attributes belonging to the name of Jiří Winter from the profession, like is draftsman, graphic artist, painter, cartoonist and humorist, he also owns a number of attributes acquired on the basis of interests and amateur knowledge. Over time, amateurism, elevated to high professionalism, ranks the personality of Jiří Winter into the following categories: Archaeologist, anthropologist, orientalist, ethnographer, collector, historian. In addition to a broad interest in scientific disciplines, he participated in some aspects in working with scientific capacities at a professional level. 

Archaeologist, anthropologist, orientalist, collector, historian, graphic artist, painter, humorist - these and many other epithets can be added to Jiří Winter-Neprakta's name. He lives, resides and creates in an old villa in Ořechovce, which resembles an ethnographic museum and an ossuary rather than the residence of the creator of cheerful pictures. Immediately in the hall, the visitor is greeted by Maximilian armor from the 16th century, a row of Buddha statues on the mantelpiece, and next to the door to the study, the helmets of Mongolian warriors. All that is missing here is Aladdin's lamp to make the entrance to the mysterious Master's dwelling complete. But the vestibule is just the beginning. Behind the door is a reception room full of ritual masks from Africa, Asia and America. An almost meter-long devil puppet from the time of Matěj Kopecky sits in the display case, behind the glass is an amber skull, and in the honorable corner of the room sits the one-and-a-half meter large Japanese deity Jizó, who is said to have descended to the underworld out of love for people and persuaded the devils there not to trouble sinners too much .