His domain is humor, kind and biting, beer and intellectual.

Miloslav Švandrlík

 I share my friend's interest in nature, human work and old cultural monuments. So it happened that during one of my travels in East Asia I had the idea to please him with an old Tibetan ritual mask that I had acquired. Today, this large, beautifully colored mask in the shape of a skull with three eye sockets decorates one of the rooms of Neprakt's villa in a special wall display case. Whenever I visit it, I am reminded of the words of that learned lama: "Whoever puts on this mask identifies himself with Durtoddagva, the lord of cemeteries, who, thanks to his three eyes, sees beneath the surface of things beyond the limits of time." I don't know if Neprakta wears it sometimes. However, I think that even without her, she can see deep into the hearts of the people around her. Or - do some of his pictures suggest that he sometimes does this in secret moments?

Bedřich Forman

 I like certain quality brands. I know that I cannot be disappointed by Prazdroj, the world trusts the Škoda brand, and my experience has taught me that I can include the word: Neprakta among proven brands.

Miroslav Horníček

I envy him: He can often say on a single sheet what fifty of them are not enough for me. 

Eva Kačírková, author of detective stories

Neprakt's exhibitions bring pleasure and joy to a wide audience to a greater extent than is usual for fine art exhibitions. He generously dispenses humor and laughter, sometimes the necessary friendly digs and a bit of irony towards our bad qualities. above all, he deserves our recognition and thanks for that. Acad. sculptor

 Dobroslav Kotek, director of the Galerie hl. city ​​of Prague

 I have known Jiří Wintro since 1955, i.e. almost "thirty" years. I know that during that time, with his diligence, he certainly covered all the meridians of our globe with his pictures, but to that there is also a passion for collecting, thoroughness and carefully cared for exhibits that are the envy of even the Metropolitan Museum. So I have to exclaim with grandmother Božena Němcová: Happy man! Adolf Born 

There are not many people who experience such unimaginable horrors and despite that (or on the contrary precisely because they know the value of life) are so mentally strong and brave that they make other people happy, amuse and cheer up.

 Daniela Winterová