Jiří Winter has published over 35,000 drawings in newspapers, magazines, books, television and movies! This number is unparalleled in the Czech (and European) scale. There are 28,820 items in the continuous author's register of cartoon jokes. Drawings with a his specific art Signature, or interviews or medallions can be found in at least 270 Czechoslovak and foreign newspapers and magazines.

 The most frequented magazines where he published were Porcupine (published 6,376 drawings) and New Porcupine (505 drawings). For forty years, the daily Svobodné slovo (1,316 drawings) and, for almost the same period, the daily Práce (1,310 drawings) published Neprakt's jokes and illustrations. Of the magazines, apart from Porcupine, there were the most non-practical jokes in the Stadium (507 drawings). Jiří published his illustrations and cartoon jokes together with his life collaborators, who became Bedřich Kopecný and after his death Miloslav Švandrlík.