Jiří Winter-Neprakta was a professional artist in the field of painting and applied graphics, animated film, television and advertising graphics. He worked in toy design, book illustrations of popular science publications and fiction, magazines. He is best known as the Master of Cartoon Humor. Jiří Winter-Neprakta included all this in his life. It occurs to us that one life is not enough. But for him, that´s enough. Jiří Winter-Neprakta was primarily a draftsman who loved humor. He wanted to make people laugh, and he did it all his life. His apt humorous drawings are memorable to many. He thus formed a period of life for several generations, who, through drawings, comics and creation, knew him and identified with it. He had a talent for expressing many corners of human life in a way of legible exaggeration and jokes. He loved creating for children. Many interactive board games and competitions bear his handwriting. His rocking horse or rooster was a phenomenon that dates back to the present. They are still made and bring joy to children.

Jiří Winter-Neprakta worked as a set designer. You can see his typical strong line in several famous fairy tales and movies. A person who loves life, as Jiří Winter-Neprakta loved him, naturally cannot be satisfied with one content of life, with one theme of life. Towards the end of his life, he shared his memories, which prove that he was indeed a Renaissance man with elephant memory, intelligence and intellectual transcendence in many fields. Here you can see his works from various fields such as drawings, books, movies, theater, toys.