Jiří Winter-Neprakta has drawn more than 35,000 cartoon jokes and approximately 10,000 other drawings for film, television, advertising, children's work, designs for games, toys, costumes and paintings. His lifelong content became cartoon humor, in which he was awarded the Deserved Artist (for cartoon jokes and illustrations) in our country and abroad. For his unmistakable work with clear strong expressive contours, but also for his accuracy in historical and scientific drawings, real and honest processing of a huge range of themes, he became one of the most distinctive and well-known artists of the 20th century. His life's work is uniquely extensive, original, detailed and timeless. Jiří Winter's drawings bear the hallmarks of an honest craftsmanship with the stamp of accuracy of the depicted realities. Jiří Winter's Neprakta's drawings, society, politics, work, personal or love relationships, history and the children's world of fantasy reflect in a funny, slightly satirical and popular way. Thanks to exaggeration, his drawings are still contemporary.

As Jiří Winter wrote: Everything is humor, comedy. In the relentless roar of atoms. In how stupid bachelors behave, unaware that prisoners are being spied on. Or around the funeral, those relatives. Humor is in situations of war, earthquakes, shipwrecks. About physical defects, sexual urges and other human needs. But even every present provides joy. 

Take a look into the world of humor by Jiří Winter-Neprakta and let your life be extended by laughter!