Jiří and anthropology


In the mid-70s of the 20th century, Jiří Winter was invited by the prominent Czech anthropologist and physician Professor Emanuel Vlček to cooperate in the anthropological-medical examination of the bodily remains of the historical figures of the first seven generations of Přemyslov princes. As a painter and expert in history, he processed probable portraits of the investigated personalities based on the so-called Gerasim superprojection method. Among other things, he created effigies of Charles IV. or Prince Spytihněv II, later also Blessed Zdislav of Lemberk. From a young age, Winter was involved in getting to know different ethnicities, mainly from the environment of South America and Asia. When he met the leading Czech traveler Albert Vojtěch Frič in his youth, he often visited him in the Božinka villa in Smích and absorbed knowledge about the development of human races. He enriched his collections with several curious skulls, donated by A. V. Frič.