Jiří Winter designed board games and toys for children. For example, the popular rocking horses and rocking cocks, which have been produced unchanged for more than half a century. He also created coloring books, board games for young and old. You can already find some of these toys in our e-shop, which we are trying to supplement with other Jiří Winter toys. Below is a list of games and toys designed by Jiří Winter. However, this is not a complete list. New toys designed and created by Jiří Winter are constantly appearing.

  • Magnetická křižovatka
  • Raketou do vesmíru
  • Dobývání hradu
  • Obrázkové loto
  • Zahradní restaurace
  • Veselé cestování Spejbla a Hurvínka
  • Sběr léčivých bylin
  • Kdo jinému jámu kopá
  • Smolíček pacholíček
  • Detektiv
  • Dlouhý, Široký a Bystrozraký
  • Dědeček automobil
  • Ostrov pokladů
  • Pohádkový kubus (6 pohádek)
  • Houpací kohout
  • Houpací kůň
  • Houpací slon
  • Omalovánky
  • Veselý rybolov
  • Kvarteto

Coloring book - Fairy tales

Beautiful Neprakta coloring pages - Fairy tales. They contain traditional Czech fairy tales in beautiful drawings. Here you will find About the Goats, Mikeš the Cat, The Bat Out of the Bag and more.  Thanks to the bold line and clear contours, it is natural for children not to drag. Fairy tales are painted one poem. If your child wants to learn how to draw a fox, king or devil, there is nothing easier than to press coloring books on the window and redraw the pattern. Thanks to Mr. Winter's - Neprakta style it goes by itself! There are no curls, on the contrary, a clear line leads the child's hand perfectly.

50.00 Kč

Coloring book - Life in the Sea

Beautiful coloring pages Life in the Sea introduce the underwater world in the most beautiful form - pictures of underwater animals. Octopuses, rays, crabs, dolphins and more. Each image has the name of the animal. Thanks to the bold line and clear contours, it is natural for children to stick to the line, not to drag. Thanks to it, drawing is much more easy and brings joy!  Life in the sea is painted almost by itself! The child learns to recognize animals, name them and paint at the same time. Thanks to the bold line, the drawings can also be beautifully redrawn through the light of the windowpane on paper, so that your child can easily learn to draw the individual inhabitants of the sea!

40.00 Kč

Coloring pages - Animals in the Zoo

Beautiful Neprakt coloring pages - Animals in the zoo. The sites contain all the main animals in the zoo such as lion, giraffe, elephant, crocodile and more.  Thanks to the bold line and clear contours, it is natural for children not to drag. They are easy to paint even for smaller children. The child learns to recognize animals and paint at the same time.

40.00 Kč

Rocking horse

The rocking horse is a wooden swing made in the Czech Republic, drawn with a pen by Jiří Winter - Neprakty. The hobby is all-wood, varnished, high-quality production, strong joints with screws and bolts. The design of the swing allows for comfortable and safe swinging, at the same time it is very stable.  LOAD CAPACITY 20 KG  Dimensions: 30.5x 78x 55 cm Made in the Czech Republic.

1,200.00 Kč

Table game - Detective

An adventurous game for detective Zavřiočka, who is looking for a gang of bandits. Who will compile the suspect from the drawn cards? Whoever succeeds first will become a detective!  The cards are illustrated by Jiří Winter Neprakta. The detective's wooden figurine is itinerant, it is won by the one who wins and becomes Detective Zavřioček. A renewed almost forgotten favorite family game in which children playfully practice memory, attention, perception and logical thinking  Package contents: 98 cards wooden figurine of a detective  Buy a retro game for children and play with them!  Suitable for children from 5 years  Number of players: 2+  Playing time: 15 min. 

360.00 Kč

Rocking wooden faucet

The rocking cock is a Czech classic among toys for children. Every child loves swinging, strengthens muscles, improves motor skills and most importantly creates butterflies in the abdomen. We bring laughter and joy into a child's life. The faucet is made of wood, it is painted, the author of the motif is Jiří Winter - Neprakta. Czech product. Load capacity 20 kg  The size of the folded faucet is approx. 30.5 x 78 x 55 cm

1,200.00 Kč