How wast Neprakta established


Coming up with a company name was not difficult. After the victorious February, national and cooperative enterprises with names such as Masna, Druča, Obuna, Chemodroga, Vodotechna and other distortions ending with the letter "a" began to emerge. The newspapers could not praise this convenience, they judged that if someone wants to buy ten blankets of salami and sees around them the signs "Sausage for sale", "Butcher and sausage maker", "Sausages", "Meat, lard, sausages", "Manufacturing of sausages" , he is completely confused and does not know where to crawl. Whereas the beautiful and uniform name "Masna" leaves him in no doubt that this is the store he was looking for. How practical! And because we wanted to sell something that no one really wanted, which was a really impractical idea in the 48th year, we founded the company Neprakta. Today, no one knows that it was meant as a company, and I can hear the name. We came up with the first ten jokes then, I drew them cleanly and we went with them to the editorial office of Svobodné slova on Wenceslas Square. 

The pictures weren't worth much, but the friendly editor Peroutka chose two with the intention of making us come again. We crossed Václavák, went to the editorial office of Dikobraz, and the friendly editor Vavřín also chose two pictures. Then in the third grade we went around the corner to MY 48 magazine and there a less friendly editor asked us if we were in the Youth Union. So we turned around and didn't go to any other newsroom. Nevertheless, the magazines began to speak out on their own, and so over the years our scope continued to expand. We mostly went to the editorial office together, Václav Lacina came up with the name Neprakta, a quadruped. In twenty years of cooperation, which was ended by Bedřich's death, we published thousands of jokes, and perhaps the work was not in vain in those gloomy times.