Jiří Winter in media


Jiří Winter-Neprakta in interviews (1992)

Vernissage of the Neprakta exhibition in Mexico in Strukovice nad Blanicí 

Record of the awarding of the Rohatý Dalí prize to the company Neprakta 

Vernissage Neprakta, Schola Humanitas 

Reading from the book The Incredible Adventures of Hoof and Meow's Pupils 

The first 20 years of the Neprakta company 

An interview with  Jaroslav Kopecký about the creation of the book Bold line with black ink and about the life of Jiří Winter

Awarding of honorary citizenship to Bedřich Kopecný 

Exhibition by Bedřich Kopecný 

Exhibition in Břeclav - Jewish anecdotes

Cartoon jokes Neprakta

Don ŠPAGÁT song, singing Vladimír Veit

Musical accompaniment to AEROVCE ČERVENÁ