Ladies and gentlemen, immediately after the first event of the Jiří Winter Endowment Fund, the second event follows, even bigger, more interesting and more beautiful than the first one was (or will be). On behalf of the Endowment Fund, I would like to invite you to the opening of an exhibition in the very heart of Mariánské Lázně, in Goethe's house. The house is located on Goethe Square, a short walk from the architectural pearl of the neo-Byzantine style, the famous octagonal church. The house called Goethův, formerly Dům u zlatého hroznu, is the oldest original house in Mariánské Lázně and today houses the Municipal Museum. Once upon a time in his lovely spa town, it housed a well-known poet, writer, great mystic and many others (see the scientific dictionaries or Wikipedia, how many sciences this extraordinary person was involved in) and a tireless admirer of female charms, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe .

From May 3, Goethe's house will house an exhibition of works by the famous painter, draftsman, cartoonist, orientalist, writer, naturalist, anthropologist, zoologist, archaeozoologist, writer, set designer, numismatist, botany, collector, mystic (and many others) and tireless admirer of women charms of Jiří Winter, known under the pseudonym Neprakta. I invite you to the vernissage, or the opening of the exhibition on 3.5. at 18.00. 

The exhibition will be opened for us by the famous writer Martin Petiška, the son of the equally famous writer Eduard Petiška, and will bring us all a nice literary surprise related to Mariánské Lázně. We look forward to seeing you, 

Daniela Winterová and the Endowment Fund