Exhibiton in Terezín


We finally got a permanent exhibition. It starts modestly, but we don't mind. In time, it can move to another, larger space, if fate favors us. And especially if you, who like Jiří's work, are favorably inclined. In the exhibition area, there will be an archive of works (books, magazines, newspapers, posters, invitations...) and life journeys (documents, photographs, film material), which will be accessible to all interested parties for study. At the same time, hotel accommodation is available at a very friendly price, if someone wants to study in peace and thoroughly... Collections and attractions will gradually be made available. The first photographs that Jiří created mainly in the sixties of the last century will be exhibited. They have already been exhibited several times and were an interesting, big surprise for visitors. In the near future (as soon as I create suitable conditions) Jiří's famous anthropological collection will also be made available to the public, which is currently being researched and cared for by the anthropological department of the National Museum. The permanent exhibition will be located in the historical and heritage-protected building of the artillery barracks, which houses the Terezín - City of Change association and the University of Applied Psychology.

Why is the permanent exhibition in Terezín? 

Terezín is fatefully connected with Jiří's family and his life. If it weren't for the tragedy of the Second World War, Jiří's life would have taken completely different paths. You will find out all this and much more when you look behind the curtain of illusions into real reality. If you want to come and see, I will be happy to guide you through the exhibition and the archive. There are no permanent opening or closing hours, we will agree on a date that suits you. My telephone number is 736150787. The entrance fee is voluntary and will be used exclusively to cover the rental of the exhibition space and the expansion of the exposition. Terezín is an interesting place where there is much more to see... You may be surprised, as I was, how functionally perfect and moreover very beautiful the fortress city Joseph II built and how ingeniously thought out the defense system was at the time. 

Daniela Winterová